Tassos Vrettos



Tassos Vrettos is the first artist to collaborate with Peplos, resulting in the Collection ‘Chasing the Sunsets’. Tassos is a renowned photographer based in Athens, GR and his work has touched every medium available. With a mind-blowing resume spanning publications, individual and group exhibitions and commissioned work by esteemed institutions world-wide, Tassos has a unique way of capturing moments. Tassos has captured large trees and tiny cacti as if they are nothing more than passengers on the Sunset ride. Tassos has been a close and treasured friend of Katia’s. They have worked together many times in the past and the collaboration with Peplos has been a stellar commencement for collaborations to come.
Tassos also shot the campaign look book for the Chasing the Sunsets Collection.
For more about Tassos Vrettos please visit his website and Facebook page.

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